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For many reasons you may not be able to make into one of our clinics in person, but thankfully we have Online Consults at PEP. 

These are the same High Quality PEP Services we provide in the clinic however over the internet, using an Online Video Consult to help you from the comfort from your own home. 


Booking an Online Consult is Very Simple: 

1. Select the 'Online Consult' button for one of our clinics below and complete and submit the online questionnaire.

2. One of our staff will contact you (after checking to see if you are suitable for online consult) and schedule a time for your Online Consult. You can pay over the phone or you will be sent an invoice which you must pay as soon as you receive it. After payment you will be emailed a link which you will use for your Video Online Consult.

3. Select the emailed link at your scheduled time from a desktop computer or laptop to commence the Online Consult. 

Preparing for your Online Consult: 

  • Please fill out as much info as possible in the Questionnaires as this will help us prepare for your Online Consult.

  • Please use a Desktop or a Laptop computer with a camera and microphone available.  If you only have a mobile device available, please set it up in a cradle or rest it on a table in front of you.

  • If your Online Consult is for your hip, knee, ankle or foot, please wear shorts or something that makes it easy for us to see it.

  • If your Online Consult is for your shoulder please wear a singlet, if it's for your elbow and wrist please wear a shirt or something that makes it easy for us to see it. 

  • If your Physio has asked you to fill out a Shoulder Telehealth Assessment Tool, select here to access it

Appointment Costs:

$80 for the Initial Consult - Initial consults are for new injuries/pain or for an old issue that hasn't been seen in the previous 3 months. 

$60 for 20min Review Consults - Review consults are for injuries/pain that have been assessed recently (<3months). 

Private Health Insurance (PHI) Rebates: 

(Effective 14th April 2020)

Current Patients:

Private health insurers are covering current patients who are undergoing an existing course of treatment AND they have been seen by their physiotherapist over the past 6 months.

New Patients:

For new patients, private health insurance rebates apply if physiotherapy has been recommended by your GP or medical specialist AND you are being treated for:

- Post orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation

- Chronic musculoskeletal condition

- Cardiac rehabilitation

- Pulmonary rehabilitation

- Pelvic floor muscle training

Medicare Rebates: 

Medicare provides a rebate for Online Consults for patients who have a GP Management Plan. If you have any questions regarding this, please call our reception staff.


(DVA/3rd Party/Motor Vehicle Patient)

DVA has approved Physiotherapy via Online Consults/Telehealth (effective 1st April-30thSept 2020).

Some workers compensation cases can be pre-approved for Online Consults, this will be organised by our PEP Admin Team when requested by you. Otherwise, these will continue to be seen face-to-face in the clinic. 

Further questions? Please get in touch!