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Performance Edge Physiotherapy has a COVID-ZERO policy for safety and wellbeing of PEP patients, staff, their families, and the greater community.


Staff and patients must have no COVID related symptoms of any sort (even cold/flu symptoms) for at least 48 hours before arriving at a PEP clinic, even if tested COVID negative.

Any staff and patients who are tested COVID positive will be remain away from PEP clinics until they have quarantined (as per local laws/regulations) and are asymptomatic.

Increased infection control measures remain in place at PEP clinics, hand sanitiser is available for all patients on arrival/departure. If patients have any extra needs we are flexible, be in touch with our admin team to discuss.

Performance Edge Telehealth services remain available for those who are self-isolating or for anyone in the future who needs to have an appointment on the road, more info below.

We're offering a Telehealth service to those who'd like to remain at home but still have a consult with one of our Physiotherapists.

It's quite simple:

  • Patients with new injuries will receive a questionnaire to fill out before their telehealth session to ensure they're appropriate for the online consult. 

  • You will receive a link in your email

  • You click the link and accept access to camera/microphone on your device.

  • You will now be in a Telehealth session with your Physio who can still assess you and provide you with a management plan, including an email afterwards summarising the session.