Shoulder Injuries

Do you suffer from pain in your shoulder?

Young man with shoulder pain, on red background

Shoulder pain is common and generally occurs from either a traumatic injury or a posture related overuse injury. Traumatic injuries are obvious when they occur however overuse injuries can occur gradually over time and pain can start with seemingly no cause. Symptoms may include pain with shoulder movements, weakness with lifting, aching pain at rest or a reduced movement of your arm. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms you may have an overuse shoulder injury.

The first step is to correctly diagnose the problem which your Physiotherapist will do on your first visit. Then treatment will include a combination of manual therapy, exercise prescription and posture advise to help avoid aggravating the condition any further. Your Physiotherapist will focus on reducing your shoulder pain and then work on returning you to your regular activites.

If you are suffering from shoulder pain call our clinic and speak to a Physiotherapist.