physio demoPerformance Edge Physiotherapy has a team of multi-skilled physiotherapists that are highly trained in the assessment, diagnosis and management of conditions that affect the joints, muscles and skeletal system.

Physiotherapy is a science based health care profession that views human movement as central to health and well-being. Physiotherapy aims to restore and maintain human function after injury or disease, to help people achieve quality of life through physical movement.

Our therapists often work in partnership with doctors and other healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible treatment and healthcare outcomes. Using a combination of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, soft tissue therapy, electro physical modalities, education and lifestyle advice, our therapists strive to enhance health and maximise your potential.

We specialise in the treatment of neck & back pain, sports injuries, hydrotherapy, women’s health, work related injuries, orthopedics, pilates therapy.

On your first consultation, your therapist will perform a detailed assessment to identify the primary and any secondary causes of your symptoms, your therapist will explain to you what he or she has found and work with you to establish treatment goals. Your treatment program will commence on the first session. At Performance Edge Physiotherapy we not only treat the pain we treat the cause of the pain, so your symptoms will resolve faster and the chances of them becoming a reoccurring problem are significantly reduced.