Groin Pain

Have you ever suffered from groin pain?

Groin pain is common in all sports that involve running, kicking and twisting. These may include Soccer, AFL, the Rugby codes, running and dancing sports. Groin pain can be a challenging condition to manage as it is often multi-factorial. It often starts with a ‘driver’ of the condition which may include; poor load management (overtraining), weakness of the hip and core muscles, reduced hip range of motion or low back/pelvis problems.

Physiotherapists at Performance Edge have extensive experience in managing the complex causes of groin pain and can help you through the rehabilitation process. This may include hands on treatment, targeted exercises and the right advice to minimise how the groin pain impacts your training and quality of life.

The best treatment for managing groin pain is to identify the signs early and modify your life accordingly so you don’t let a niggle turn into something bigger than it has to be!